Friday, March 15

Iron Gym Total Body 4-Piece Fitness Kit &5% off

Time to get the body in Summer Shape. Amazon is making it easier for us by taking 75% off this exercise equipment today.

Iron Gym Total Body 4-Piece Fitness Kit

List Price: $99.99
Price: $59.99
Sale: $24.99
Deal Price:
You Save: $75.00 (75%)

With this Iron Gym Total Body Fitness Kit, you have every muscle-building accessory available to augment the included Iron Gym bar, enabling you to perform a surprisingly challenging, wide-ranging series of workouts in any standard size door. 

The kit lets you work your entire body, and most people see noticeable results within 30 days. When used properly, the Iron Gym home training system helps you build a bigger chest, defined shoulders and abdominal muscles, stronger upper arms, and increased endurance and metabolism. The sturdy metal bar's unique design wraps around your doorframe, using leverage to remain securely in place without requiring the hassle or damage of inserting screws.

When used properly, the Iron Gym helps strengthen and tone your entire upper body, and three different grip positions (narrow, wide, and neutral grips) let you switch up your body's positioning and continuously challenge your muscles.

Along with the popular Iron Gym doorframe bar, the kit also includes:

  • A pair of ab straps
  • Rotating push-up bars
  • A cardio jump device--a "rope-less jumprope" with digital counter

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