Saturday, April 6

Amazon Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount???

Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount (Black) is on special today for $17.50. 

At first I was very confused by the name of this item so I read more about it. What it really is is a new take on the cell phone holder. Instead of needing to use suction cups on the windshild this slides in the CD or DVD slot of you car. I think this is such a neat item and want one for myself.

From the Manufacturer
  • Firmly mounts cell phones, satellite radios, GPS units, MP3 players, and more...
  • Inserts into front loading CD player slot, where device controls are easily accessible by the driver
  • No suction cups, clips, screws, adhesives, or glue
  • Simple to install and uninstall. use the same mount in multiple vehicles. Great for rental cars.
  • Doubles as an office desk mount

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