Friday, April 12

Home Depot: Another chance to Save $5 on your next purchase.

If you have not signed up to be able to use your PayPal in stores yet I highly recommend you do. They have been offering some great deal lately. My last one was $10 off $50 at Home depot so a bit better but you could combine this with the garden club coupon I posted earlier to save the same $10.

As soon as you sign up for in-store checkout you are eligible to save the money.

Offer Details
 In order to redeem your offer at Home Depot you must pay with PayPal using a PayPal payment card or your registered phone number and PIN. The PayPal payment card is not a credit card, it is a store-only spending card linked directly to your PayPal account, so it can't be used online or as a credit card, it can only be used at participating stores. You do not need the PayPal payment card to complete in-store checkout activation. We will automatically mail it to your home address 1-2 weeks after you activate in-store checkout.

Terms and Conditions Merchant Terms Offer available while supplies last. Offer expires 4/21/2013

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